Manage your stress levels in the New Year

Happy New Year! It’s the time we all write down our New Year’s resolution. You may want to work on your stress levels in the year 2023. Stress is a normal reaction to the demands of daily life. It can be caused by work, relationships, and other factors.

If you are facing exfoliative cheilitis, you may notice how your lips react badly when you are stressed. Let’s dive into some proven ways to manage your stress, so your exfoliative cheilitis can be better managed while you navigate through life.

  1. Regular exercises

Physical exercise helps you relieve stress by making your body strong and healthy. Taking care of your physical health reduces anxiety and builds self-confidence. Exercise also produces endorphins; natural chemicals that reduce stress and create a sense of well-being. Strong muscles reduce the need for sleep as they increase energy levels, appetite, body temperature, and more. Working out also keeps you from overeating or becoming inactive while feeling full. The results are immediate and powerful as you sweat through a series of effective workouts. Another thing with exercises is the build-up of mental toughness or resilience, we all know how athletes need to train hard and have a strict diet to keep up with their top performance. They are trained to be resilient. When we started to do regular exercises, naturally our resilience will be strengthened too. And, if you are reading this, you know the road with exfoliative cheilitis is not easy, and having a high resilience in your disposal surely help you to manage the condition.

  • 2. Meditation or mindfulness practice

You can also use meditation or mindfulness practice to reduce your stress levels. I’m no guru, i’m not gonna dive into the differences between these activities. They achieve similar results for me. Giving me a calm moment after meditating for some time each day. If you want to try, the app Calm is an easy start and you can try out different workshops that can help you relax with meditation or mindfulness exercises.

  • 3. Connect with others

Connecting with others also reduces your stress levels by providing emotional support for yourself and for others. You can connect with family members by writing letters or making phone calls regularly. Regular socialization also improves relationships and morale in your daily life. Essentially, connecting with others makes everyone’s life more enjoyable as they all feel better about their relationships. It’s difficult to harbor negative feelings toward someone when you’re engaged in positive interactions with them on a regular basis. If you are suffering from exfoliative cheilitis, the support you have from your loved ones is crucial. Do share with your family and friends, and it will help with your stress and your road to curing the condition.

Regular physical exercise, meditation, and connections with others all help you relieve stress. Stay healthy and energetic by exercising regularly, trying meditation, and connecting with others. Stress is a part of life; learn how to manage it effectively so you can live a happy life!

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