Lip balm that I use every day

As a sufferer of exfoliative cheilitis, utilizing a lip balm regularly is crucial to keep your lips moisturized and reduce peeling. I have mentioned numerous kinds of lip balms/moisturizers you can choose from. I would say pick the one you feel most comfortable with and keep on using it daily.

I have tried more than 100 lip balms literally. Whenever I traveled, I would pick some promising lip balms to try, hoping to find one that it feels best for my lips. I have tried the ones selling in Japan, European countries and many more.

So these days, with much more manageable lips condition, I am using this Golden Dry Skin Miracle Salve by Lanolips every day. I would squeeze out some and rub on the back of my cleaned hand and then applying on my lips. It quickly moisturized my lips. The best part is it is very long lasting, and won’t get me the feeling of super duper greasy. From the package, it consists of all natural lanolin which is good for preventing water loss from your skin, Manuka Honey, and Vitamin E.

So you can get an idea how these goodies combined together may be a good idea for keeping your lips well moisturized.

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One other thing that I apply before bed is this Cerave healing ointment. This is a great product developed by dermatologists. Basically, you can apply it everywhere you feel you have dry skin, and it does wonders. It is specially designed for cracked and extremely dry skin. It consists of petrolatum, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides. Ceramides are important fat/ lipids in our skin that help to reduce water loss, so using this formulation will help to repair our broken skin/ lips. I find it adding a thick layer of Cerave healing ointment before you sleep can help to keep your lips moisturized during your 8 hours of sleep. It is not uncommon for exfoliative cheilitis sufferers to complain of very dry lips after a night’s sleep, so using this ointment surely helps.

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Here you go, this is my daily lip balm arsenal. What works for you? Share your experience with us in the comments!

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