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I have been a long time sufferer of exfoliative cheilitis. It started when I was in high school around the age of 16. The nightmare started with similar stories as of fellow sufferers. It’s during the winter, and I have not been a fan of chapstick since young, so I keep licking my lips when it’s dry during the winter.

This time, however, it keeps on peeling when I lick it. Normally, the next day, my lips will become normal again, but this time, it’s seemed something changed. I noticed there’s these thicker chunks of white peels on my lips. It seems to come off easily when it gets in contact with water. And I noticed my lower lips getting inflamed.

Then I quickly put on a thick layer of vaseline on my lips, hoping some first aid remedy can do some quick cure.

And this is it, I have then been facing this problem for more than 15 years. Yeah I’m not kidding. And trust me it’s not something easy to deal with when you are still a youngster trying to adjust to the modern world.

I will keep writing from time to time. Sharing my thoughts, numerous methods I have tried, and what I have been using now to allow me to breeze through my days like a normal person now.

Peace and good luck.

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