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I would like to take the time to welcome you all to the official Exfoliative Cheilitis website. As many of you have most probably stumbled onto this page while searching for information on a skin condition known as cheilitis, I would like to point out that this website is dedicated to a subsidiary of the cheilitis family tree. This subsidiary is Exfoliative Cheilitis, a disheartening skin condition that solely affects the delicate skin of the lips.

As for most of you who are surfing this website, the chances are likely that you or someone you know is affected by this condition in one way or another and are seeking information in relation to this problem. By taking your time to review the information on this site you will learn how I personally beat exfoliative cheilitis and was able to rid the condition from my life. It was not easy, and the journey was long and arduous, but I am now cheilitis free and wish to share this information with others as I hope you can take from this website tips and advice to help you or that person you know get their life back and once again live a normal life.

I should note that the intention of this website is not to provide medical advice to those in need, nor is this website meant to supersede any medical prognosis. The intention of this website to provide educational information that pertains to exfoliative cheilitis and also to direct you to a social support forum that is dedicated to this condition. Through this forum you can meet others who share similar afflictions, you can discuss viable treatment options, while you can also present new and exciting ideas related to exfoliative cheilitis that can in turn help others cope and possibly heal. What is most important is that I hope all of you can gain from this web experience in a similar fashion as I have.

The user of this website acknowledges and agrees that any information sent to the owners and operator of this website has their permission to post any content sent via any communications on the website and/or forum including any pictures or other.


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