Relaxation techniques

The cliche of eating well, keeping up with hydration, and exercising regularly does make a difference. If you are an exfoliative cheilitis sufferer like me, you can really feel your lips getting worse when you rely heavily on overprocessed food or when you are so stressed.

Over the years, I have been trying out ways to keep my stress better under control. I do have a relatively stressful workplace. In my spare time, I will run, hit the gym, and play tennis. It is crucial to find a sport that you truly enjoy. If you want to try something else, I would suggest looking into meditation, mindfulness, and yoga. I did try some workshops and apps. As easy as downloading calm on your iPhone, you can start trying all these relaxation techniques. Try to allocate 10 minutes every day and just meditate. After a few times, you will start to see these techniques do help over the long-haul. You will be less stressed when you face with every day events, and this lower stress level surely help your lips.

I noticed there are so many videos of trying out yoga on YouTube. I tried a few and enjoy the ones produced by Amit with a focus on yoga for men. The core of all these relaxation techniques is about our belly breathing. If we are using calm belly breathing, we are naturally calm and stress-free. It’s a way of conditioning our body and mind to know that yea life may suck sometime, but we always have our breathing to go back to, and it will be our anchor no matter what happened.

Try some of these methods and you will benefit from the lower stress level.

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