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After all of the years suffering I came to realize that I could beat this condition with diligent effort. What brought me to this realization was most likely the improvement after years of not applying anything to my lips. It all began when I was traveling. I was in Greece during the summer for a few months and noticed a significant improvement in my lips. I was not sure why this happened but what occurred was that my lips stopped peeling. I was so happy that I never wanted to leave. I was however applying a sun block to my body including my lips so I was not sure if that was the culprit. In any case I noticed improvement and began to feel that this condition could be beat.

After returning home my lips went back to the peeling cycle. I debated whether stress was a factor and if the sun played a role. I therefore tested my theory. My next trip to Italy and Morocco in the summer months proved useful as this time around I did not even apply sunblock and again noticed improvement. My lips ceased peeling during my vacation. During this trip I met a girl from Brazil and as luck would have it I got her phone number and gave her a call when I was back home. I remember the days talking to her on skype and recall vividly how much my lips were in discomfort when we spoke. Again, the lips went back to the peeling cycle after that trip. The point of discussing the brazilian girl is that about four months later I went to visit her in Brazil for five weeks. It was their summer and again my lips, without anything on them, were normal. It was at this point that I knew I could beat exfoliative cheilitis.

Around the same time I also began working out at the local gym. I lifted heavy weights to build muscle mass. I would work out two to three times a week for about forty minutes each workout. What I noticed was that on the days that my lips were on their 'peeling day' and I attended the gym during the forty minute workout the lips would peel without me knowing. This was significant as that meant no more force peel or waiting for the lip to peel fully which often included a small tear or crack and discomfort. I therefore decided to schedule the gym on each 'peeling day'. After several months I began to notice that when my lips were ready to peel I would go to the gym and workout during which my lips would be hard with dead skin. After the workout the lips would be soft and normal and would not have even peeled. Im not sure what happened but the hard skin would disappear without trace.

After discovering that this worked for me I began to notice other improvements. I used this routine to my advantage and after a year I was able to essentially trick my body into healing the lips naturally. I was able to actually eliminate the peeling cycle. I cant explain how this worked but it did. I kept it up and it is now to the point that my lips no longer build up dead skin or peel and my lips are normal. This was essentially what helped me get over exfoliative cheilitis. If I stop going to the gym right now my lips dont begin the peeling cycle again as it has now been three years since I began going to the gym. My body has become use to this new cycle of normal lips and that has become programmed as what is my normal now. I now have a normal cycle and do not have any issues with my lips. In fact, my lips are better than most peoples lips and look healthier as well, even in the winter. What I would like to point out and make clear to everyone reading this is that what I truly believe led me to this point was refusing to apply anything to my lips during the entire time. I think if I did my lips would not be normal today. Not applying anything to my lips is what led me to having normal healthy lips in the long run as because of this my lips were able to reprogram the cells to function normally, something I think would not have been possible always applying ointments or creams or balms to my lips.

I cant reiterate this enough to those of you reading this. I understand it is not easy to do but if you get through the worst of it at the beginning not applying anything and just let the lips function normally as the benefits will be noticed after time. Im currently working with a professor to test this theory and will update once we see progress. Its now been three months and the individual is seeing improvement in his lips. This is what has been communicated to me via email, "things are good with me. I think my condition is still slowly improving. Im on about a one week peeling cycle. Each cycle seems to include less skin and more lite flakes rather than persistent "corn flakes." Also, I have less white gunk when I wake up and it comes off quickly on its own... at their worst now is better than at their best 3 months ago... the color is also less purple/deep red than it was say 3 months ago, which I take as a positive sign." I see this as progress and look forward to updating when I receive further information. Those of you reading can look back here as I will update regularly on this page.


It is important for me to note other things that I tried along the way also helped me beat cheilitis. For example, the cauterizations at the dermatologists office focused on the middle of my upper lip. I tried four different heat temperatures years before my cure and it was the fourth time and the most powerful temperature that helped rid my upper middle lip from peeling. The problem with this was that it took time to heal after being cauterized and my doctor retired before we could try the bottom lip. No other doctor would attempt the same. I mention this because I truly believe this can help rid people of cheilitis as well. I also used Efudex on my lower lip when I first began suffering from the condition. This helped reduce the thickness of the peels when they were at their worst. There was improvement after using this cream. After my biopsy, during which I asked the oral surgeon to cut deep and remove as much as she could, the left side of the lip where the biopsy was actually stopped peeling after one year. So perhaps it was a little of everything that helped me rid cheilitis from my life but the point remains that I am now free of cheilitis and living life again after so many years. I hope this post helps others out there and that you take from this what you can to improve your quality of life. If I would do it all over again I would immediately stop applying anything to my lips and go from there. For me only improvements followed. Its not easy but once you get through it life can only improve.

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